Global Mahanubhav Sangh

Dandhwat Pranam..!!

"MAHANUBHAV SAMPRADAY" was founded by Sarvshree Chakradhar Swami Late in the 12th Century in Maharashtra State at Paithan, Dist. Aurangabad. During that period the human kind was mostly affected by various traditional disbeliefs, poverty, lack of education was amongst few reasons for the spread of unethical practices.

Our organization "GLOBAL MAHANUBHAV SANGH, Aurangabad" is registered in the year 2014 is completing three years of achievement with sense of pride and satisfaction.

GMS has organized lot of programmes for the overall development of the Rural and Slum Area Community. We are creating awareness in regard to inculcation of good values in society. To educate people through impartation of good values and thoughts in the society. To take efforts to spread valuable thoughts of the great national heroes and saints to create awareness and implement various schemes of Central and State Govt. and try to up lift the Indian Culture at World level by giving more stress for increasing the present literacy rate through Policy by our established educational institutions and GURUKUL, old age home for men and women, orphanage of Boys and Girls. We have continued our efforts this year with tremendous hope and anticipation about the many things to be done.

Our Headquarter of the organization is a place surrounded by the villagers and slum area population. Majority of the population in villages has standard of living below poverty line. The population generally is not so literate, so we have decided to make people literate which will help in raising their standard of living educationally and economically.