Global Mahanubhav Sangh

Dandhwat Pranam..!!

"Global Mahanubhav Sangh" mainly focuses on Social, Educational, Economical and Health activities for the section of minority and from the tribal, remote area, rural and from the urban area established in the year 2014.

Based on our objectives we have planned and undertaken the following activities with the financial assistance from the Body members.

  • Running Gurukul for encouraging students
  • During this period we have given admission for 140 students by providing boarding lodging facilities for the students those who have been admitted in school under the supervision of our social workers.

  • Participation in HIV / AIDS Awareness Rally for Prevention and Control
  • On the occasion of HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, we have participated in organized rally with the cooperation of local high school and community members, all teachers and students were actively involved. Few students were holding banners and card boards slogans which were very attractive and effective in local language. Most of the formal and informal leaders were also participated in this rally. Local Medical Officer and Teacher of the respective schools delivered the lectures of HIV/AIDS prevention and control aspect. At the end of the rally our social workers distributed the literature which were prepared in local language.
  • Health Education about Nutrition, Balanced Diet and Personal Hygiene in Schools
  • Among Rural and Slum Area schools, the above campaign was organized with the help of respective Head Masters and other teaching staff in 4 school from Aurangabad Block. Lectures were arranged on personal hygiene, healthy habits, balanced diet, safe drinking water for the students. Near about 985 students were benefitted by this campaign which was very effective for their healthy behavioral change so as to follow the healthy habits.
  • Celebration of National Days and Birth Anniversary of National Leaders
  • Since established of our organization we are celebrating above programmes in our Gurukul ground regularly by hoisting National Flag and delivering lectures about the importance of National Days and about the Devotion and Services given by our National Leaders. At the end of the programme distributed sweets at the end of the programme to the present audience and students.
  • Pulse Polio Programme Awareness & Service
  • With the coordination of PHC and Balwadi Staff, the organization was actively involved in awareness and service programme in 4 villages of Gangapur Block. During this camp 198 children were benefitted. Lectures on safe motherhood and child care were also arranged by conducting group meetings of women on this occasion.
  • Distribution of Uniform and Books
  • Students coming from rural areas the organization has distributed the books among 125 students so as to sustain the interest and continue the education for their further development. This programme was arranged in 4 slum areas near by our Ashram Schools for poor students.
  • Prevention of Alcoholism, Drug Adiction & Counselling
  • By observing the bad condition of the slum dewellers in drug addiction (Drinking Wine, Smoking Cigarettes, Drugs, Chewing Guttka), the organization has thought over on this problem and their serious health hazards, started De-addiction counseling and regular guidance is given for 150 youths in Paithan Block for not becoming the victim of addiction and to avoid all these bad habit and practices.
  • Free Health Checkup and Treatment Camp in Schools
  • During this year the organization has arranged free health checkup and treatment camp in 4 villages of Aurangabad Block with the cooperation of Private Medical Practitioner and other health staff. For making these camps success in which 226 patients were examined and treated, the local formal and informal leaders, teachers and Anganwadi Staff has given good cooperation for making the programme success.
  • Free Plantation Programme in Schools
  • Our organization has taken up this Tree plantation (280 plants) and Awareness Programme in 4 villages of Aurangabad.